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Representative Jody Hice: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

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     It is amazing how fast the media moves on from a story. What is even more amazing is the lack of quality journalism. Investigative journalism is on life support, and the greater majority of news stories are superficial because nobody is interested in drilling down to find facts that would shed real light onto a particular story.

     I was of the mindset that it was time to move on from the results of the election for Speaker of the House, then I read an article on that changed my mind. A gentleman named Steve Deace wrote an article about Rep. Jody Hice that describes a politician that we all know too well. It is Deace’s article that provides valuable information that you will not get from the mainstream media or Fox News.

Rep. Jody Hice

     In last year’s mid-term elections, Hice won the election for Georgia’s 10th district, a Republican-leaning district. The GOP has enjoyed great success in the district despite having little to no local and state infrastructure. Hice took advantage of the Republican establishment’s weak infrastructure to capture the Republican nomination by running a campaign in which he distinguished himself from the Republican incumbent by claiming he is a conservative.

     Deace explains in his article how he met Hice at a dinner where they were two of the featured speakers for a gathering of conservatives who had left the Republican Party out of frustration. Deace and Hice were using the occasion to try and convince the attendees to return to the GOP. It was at this dinner Deace writes in his article that the two “struck up a quick rapport over the weekend as kindred spirits.” When you read Deace’s article you clearly see that Deace was excited by Hice’s candidacy and was hopeful that Hice would win his race and go to Washington, D.C. and become a thorn in the side of RINOs like Boehner.

     When you look at Hice’s background it would be fair to say that most people would think he is a trustworthy, reliable person. This is what Deace certainly thought considering Hice is a man of God. He is an actual Southern Baptist preacher. Who could blame Deace for thinking Hice would not be the normal politician who goes to D.C. and immediately turns his back on his constituents and country. Unfortunately, thus far, Deace is wrong about Hice.

     Hice isn’t the first politician to move to D.C. and take leave of his espoused principles. It is not unheard of to have a politician campaign as a fictitious character only to reveal his true self once he gets to D.C. In fact, this is unfortunately the norm, just look at the liberals masquerading as Republicans. There is a cross-dressing epidemic in D.C. 

     Hice pledged during his campaign to “support new leadership with a backbone,” but he voted for John Boehner for Speaker of the House. Hice wasn’t the only freshman Republican who pledged to go to D.C. and shake things up by pushing for new party leadership among other things. However, Hice chose to tow the RINO line.

     How much hope is there for changing the culture in D.C., if you cannot even trust a Southern Baptist preacher to keep his word? I am well aware that most politicians are pathological liars, but I am shocked just as Deace is that a man of God cannot be trusted to keep his word.

     What happened to Hice when he made it to D.C. Is it possible Hice is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Maybe the first thing he did when he moved into his office was put up a For Sale sign. Maybe he was intimidated by Boehner and his Capos. Maybe he was promised something in exchange for his vote for Boehner. The reason for his vote is irrelevant because the people of the 10th district expected him to go to D.C. and do what he promised/pledged he would do during his campaign, and right out of the chute he betrayed them.

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