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Loretta Lynch Lumps Americans in with Illegal Immigrants

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     Barack Hussein Obama’s nominee for U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, draws no distinction between illegal immigrants and American citizens when it comes to employment. Lynch actually thinks that all Americans think there should be no distinction made between citizens, legal immigrants, and illegal immigrants when it comes to the “right to work.”

AG Nominee, Loretta Lynch

     During yesterday’s Senate Confirmation Hearing for Lynch, Senator Jeff Sessions asked her pointed questions regarding Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order, including how it affects unemployed Americans. Lynch doesn’t care about Americans who are unemployed because her ideology focuses on fundamentally transforming America. The following is an exchange between Senator Sessions and Lynch:


Senator Sessions: “In the work place of America today, we have a high number of unemployed, we’ve had declining wages for many years, we have the lowest percentage of American working, ever. Who has more rights to a job in this country a lawful immigrant, a citizen, or a person who came into the country unlawfully?”

Lynch: “Senator, I believe that, uh, the right and obligation to work is one shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here, and certainly if someone is here, regardless of status, I would prefer they be participating in the work place than not participating in the work place.”

     Lynch’s lack of an answer to the questions is reveals a lot about her. Lynch makes no distinction between citizens and illegal immigrants because for her and Obama there is no distinction. Her response is Marxism at its finest. She is not concerned with nations, national sovereignty, or the rights of Americans because like a good Marxist, she sees the struggle of all “workers,” not citizenship. I like how she pretends that people are obligated to work. An obligation to work is antithetical to American liberalism. American liberals would much rather have people chained to fedgov welfare programs than gainfully employed.

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