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Jeb Bush, Another Liberal Candidate from the Republican Establishment

Posted in Immigration, Politics3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Jeb Bush announced that he was “actively exploring” a run for the presidency in 2016. He is doing much more than exploring a run for the presidency considering he is meeting with potential donors and has established two political action committees (PAC).

     Bush’s strategy is to get out ahead of every other candidate in an attempt to lock up campaign funds from the wealthy donors and bundlers. Locking up money from wealthy donors is the goal of Bush and every other RINO’s strategy for running for office, lock up the money to shut out their competitors. RINOs can secure money from the wealthy donors because most of these donors are crony capitalists whose only allegiance is to themselves and their business interests. Bush will certainly appeal to what Mark Levine refers to as “corporatists” because his opinion on immigration is to leave the borders open to let people who are overflowing with love come into the U.S., which means more cheap labor for the “corporatists” and fewer jobs for Americans. I have to admit it is an uphill battle for any Republican who challenges the candidate of the “corporatists” and the U.S. Chamber of Crony Capitalism.

     Bush has already established himself as someone who does not see a problem with the millions of illegal immigrants who flood across the U.S.- Mexican border each year. His reason for favoring an open border is because he doesn’t want to stop the tidal wave of love entering America. Bush said in an interview in April 2014, “When someone comes to the United States because they couldn’t come legally, they are more often than not doing so as an act of love.” His statement is even more ridiculous than anything Obama has ever said about illegal immigrants, including Obama’s purely political speech in which he announced his unconstitutional amnesty for illegals.

     Bush claims that the approximately 12 million illegal immigrants from Mexico in the U.S. couldn’t enter the U.S. legally. What!? So the illegal immigrants tried the legal route for emigrating to the U.S., but they were denied entry? It is safe to assume that the liberal bureaucrats in the federal government do not turn down any third world immigrants, period! I have read where they turn down Europeans, but the idea that they would turn away third world immigrants is ludicrous. The fastest way to fundamentally transform America is via third world immigration. Sorry Jeb, your explanation is absurd and appears to be a terrible attempt to gloss over what is one of the biggest problems, if not the largest, facing the United States from a national security and economic standpoint.

     Bush gave the example of a father who crosses the border because he has no other means to feed his family. Bush said, “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony, It’s an act of love.” So the laws of the United States can be ignored, if someone’s circumstance requires him or her to do so? By Bush’s reasoning, anybody can commit a crime and claim his personal situation forced him into committing that crime. If a father in America is desperate for food to feed his family, he can rob a grocery store? If you apply Bush’s logic, the father can rob the grocery store and claim it was an act of love and not a crime. I assure you, the father is going to get arrested and put in jail. Of course, Democrats and RINOs don’t care about Americans, so I’m sure Bush is okay with excusing illegal immigrants for their crimes and not Americans who commit a crime out of ‘love.’

     Bush is going to raise a lot of money for his campaign, but money doesn’t vote. He will have the money to outlast the other Republican candidates, but will he be able to convince Republican voters that he is any different from John McCain and Mitt Romney?

     If Bush runs, he will be the Republican establishment’s candidate, which means his message will be no different than the milk toast liberals the establishment typically trots out for national elections. The Republican Party needs a presidential candidate who provides a clear alternative to the Democrat; there have to be discernible differences. Otherwise, millions of Republican voters will stay home on election day.

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