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Federalizing Community College

Posted in Politics3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Obama proposed in his State of the Union address “free” tuition for a two-year community college education. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that Obama proposed another freebie. I didn’t know the community college vote meant that much to Democrats? I guess his proposal could just be a purely Marxist endeavor.

     Is Obama’s proposal a purely political move to provide another freebie in exchange for votes? “Free” tuition for community college is a freebie designed to capture votes, but it is also about federalizing community colleges  If the Marxist proposal becomes a reality, it will put community colleges under the control of the federal government and costs will skyrocket. I know some people will think I am overreacting by claiming that the proposal will federalize community colleges, but why else would a Marxist like Obama make such a proposal? It is no secret that Democrats count on taxpayer giveaways to buy votes, but I don’t really see “free” tuition for community college resulting in that many votes for Democrats, so something else is behind the proposal, right? Also, tuition for community college is already very cheap, so it is not as if tuition is a deterrent for potential students.

     The average cost per credit hour at a community college is $80. This translates to $240 per course. The approximate cost of a two-year degree from a community college is $7,200. The total tuition for a two-year degree varies based on how many credit hours are required to obtain a particular degree. The following is a list of some community colleges, with their tuition per credit hour:

  • Dallas County Community Colleges – $59
  • Tallahassee Community College – $101
  • Los Angeles City College – $190
  • Alabama Southern Community College – $113
  • Erie County Community College – $179
  • Ivy Tech Community College – $126

Community college is cheap and the only admission requirement is that you have to be a human being who can read and write.  It is not the cost or admission requirements preventing people from attending community college, so why the push for “free” tuition for community college?

     One of the deleterious effects of “free” tuition for community college will be the loss of community (no longer a local institution) and control by the colleges. It goes without saying that once you accept “federal funds,” you have to adhere to all federal laws/regulations. The community colleges will no longer be community colleges tied to the local communities, they will be federal colleges forced to adhere to the same federal laws/regulations four-year universities have to comply with in order to accept “federal funds” in any form or fashion. You don’t believe me? In the 1970s, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare filed a lawsuit against Hillsdale College because it refused to count its students by race and sex as a requirement for receiving federal tax dollars. Hillsdale College decided to no longer allow students to accept federal financial aid rather than comply with federal laws/regulations pertaining to Title IX in order to maintain its admission requirements and remain a private institution unencumbered by federal laws/regulations.

     Community colleges do not have the resources to comply with the mountain of federal laws/regulations that come attached to federal funds. If/When “free” tuition for community college becomes a reality, it will lead to community colleges raising tuition significantly in order to adhere to “education standards” set by the U.S. Department of Education. Eventually, the federal government will dictate the entire curriculum at community colleges. Community colleges will have to create or expand their Compliance Departments to keep track of and comply with federal laws/regulations.

     It is already very difficult for community colleges to adhere to the federal laws/regulations attached to federal financial aid, so imagine how bad it is going to get if/when the federal government uses your tax dollars to cover every student’s tuition. Pima Community College (PCC) in Arizona was recently audited by fedgov bureaucrats who determined that PCC is not tracking its students’ attendance and taking steps to ensure that students who receive federal financial aid show up for class. Federal laws/regulations actually require colleges to treat the adults who attend college like adolescents and I guess call their parents when they don’t show up for class. When a college accepts “federal funds,” it is forced to accept crippling laws/regulations that will effectively transfer control of the college to fedgov bureaucrats. You take the money, you give up your freedom.

     The federal government is going to make community college more expensive. Easy access to your tax dollars results in higher tuition at public universities. Several studies have been conducted to determine if four-year colleges and universities raise their tuition when federal financial aid is readily available. This study shows a direct correlation between tuition rates and federal financial aid by using an historical methodology. When the federal government started using your tax dollars to fund higher education tuition rates soared.

     I guarantee you there are plenty of people who are excited about the prospect of attending a community college for “free.” What these people do not understand is that nothing is free. Someone has to pay for the “free” community college tuition Obama proposed. Who do you suppose is going to pick up the tab? That’s right, the American taxpayer is going to foot the bill. The money that is going to be used to pay for Obama’s latest Marxist giveaway is going to come from the middle class, the middle class he claims to be fighting for in almost every narcissistic speech he delivers.

     Tax increases on the struggling, almost extinct middle class will pay for another Obama freebie. Obama’s plan for paying for his latest taxpayer giveaway is to tax 529 plans. A 529 plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to encourage and assist families in saving money for future college expenses. There are various tax incentives related to a 529 plan, including the ability to avoid taxation on earnings generated by the plans. A participant puts in money after taxes, but can withdraw money without being taxed on the earnings. Obama wants to tax the earnings as ordinary income.
     The tab for providing every American and illegal immigrant with two years of “free” tuition for community college is going to fall directly on the middle class. Who is contributing to 529 plans? Poor people do not have 529 plans because they do not have extra income to contribute to any type of investment vehicle. Wealthy people do not use 529 plans to save for college expenses because they already have the money. The middle class is opening 529 plans, with the goal of hopefully funding their children’s college educations. The Investment Company Institute reports that in 2014 there were 11.9 million 529 accounts representing $221.1 billion in savings plans and another $23.4 billion in prepaid tuition plans. Obama wants to tax the earnings as ordinary income, so investors potentially face a 39.6 percent tax rate on withdrawals.

     The only hope for prosperity in America is to have a middle class that can fend off radical demands for redistribution of wealth. Obama understands that he has to destroy the middle class in order to realize the Marxist utopia he longs for. Obama and the Democrat’s policies harm the middle class and move it closer and closer to poverty. His proposed plan to provide “free” tuition for community college is paid for by raiding 529 plans owned by the middle class, which is textbook redistribution of wealth designed to harm the middle class.

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