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The U.S. Attorney of Divisiveness

Posted in Culture3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     The race peddler extraordinaire, Eric Holder, was at it again last week. Holder gave a speech in front of a group called, My Brother’s Keeper, in which he continued his lifelong commitment to denigrating America while promoting racial division. You only have to wait 34 seconds into the video to hear the usual provocative statements meant to fuel emotions that foment hate in the minds of those in attendance. 

     The most valuable weapon Marxists use is divisiveness. Marxism is irrational and simply cannot stand on its own unless it uses emotional arguments to divide people in order to destroy the individual in favor of the collective. Marxists like Holder and Obama prey on people by convincing them they are victims of some type of ism, and the victims need to be protected from those who have and will continue to oppress them unless they surrender their liberty to the supreme rulers in exchange for protection. 

     In Holder’s speech he reminds the people in attendance that the city, Memphis, they are in has a history of enslaving and oppressing black people. “Over the centuries, Memphis has undergone a remarkable series of transformations from a hub for the immoral slave trade to helping fuel a nineteenth century economy founded on oppression and built on the backs of those in our nation who were held in chains.” Very uplifting, right? Holder does admit that progress has been made since slavery, but Memphis still suffers from “the plague of legal and institutional discrimination.” There is nothing better than listening to the person who is the chief law enforcement officer in the U.S. talk about those evil, white people. I wonder if Holder’s mission is justice for all or racial vengeance?


     The venom spewed by Holder is meant to keep those in attendance mired in victimhood always looking for racism in anything and everything. Marxists like Holder seek to oppress your mind in order to take away your liberty. Once you have been convinced that you are a victim, you stop thinking and doing, you just complain and ask the supreme rulers to make it right. The supreme rulers will gladly make it right, but it will cost you everything, including your soul.

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