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Conservatism in France

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We are hunted down in all circumstances because we express an opinion that is different from the one-way track of thinking developed by the European Union. – Marine Le Pen

Defending the European Union and the Euro, the single currency that was imposed on us, almost feels like defending a religion. Meaning there’s no exchange of arguments, and to be against the Euro is a sort of blasphemy. – Marine Le Pen


     The political landscape in countries across Europe is changing dramatically due to multiculturalism and failing economies. In the last 20 years, the ultra-liberal model applied to immigration, the economy, and education has catapulted France into a tailspin that has made socialists and centrist (European RINOs) politicians very unpopular.

     In 2012, voters in France voted against President Nicolas Sarkozy, a centrist, for Francis Hollande, a socialist. The fact that a socialist won a presidential election in France was not newsworthy considering it’s France, but what has happened since Hollande’s victory is quite new to France.

     Hollande promised the French people that he would fix France’s economic problems and bring it back from the dead, but his lack of understanding of basic economics and his commitment to socialism has made him the most unpopular sitting president in the history of France. The results of a poll conducted last month by YouGov shows Hollande’s approval rating at 12 percent, which is the lowest approval rating for a sitting president in the history of such polls. 

     Why is Hollande’s approval rating in the tank? Hollande is a rigid ideologue who is unfit to govern much like someone else we know, Barack Hussein Obama. Hollande promised a lot when campaigning for the presidency in 2012 such as reducing the annual deficit to 3 percent, cutting unemployment, and creating jobs. Hollande and the French Socialist Party have failed to deliver the utopia they promised the French people. In fact, the only promise Hollande has kept is his promise to raise taxes, and he and his comrades have raised every tax in France. The result of their tax increases is a mass exodus of the people soaked with a 75 percent tax rate to other countries with far more reasonable tax rates. 

     Socialism has failed miserably in France. The unemployment rate in France is 10.4 percent, but this percentage does not include the underemployed and the people who have stopped looking for work. According to Trading Economics, in France, “Among inactive people, 1.4 million wish to work, but they are not considered as unemployed.” Hollande’s response to the problems that plague France’s economy has been to tax the “rich,” and expand the size of government. Sound familiar? Barack Hussein Obama? Anyone? Anyone? Socialism is not working in France, but the failings of Hollande and his political ideology have opened the door for conservatism.

     France has been a socialist democracy for several decades, but it is entirely possible that socialism is losing its appeal despite the best efforts by socialists like Hollande to keep it relevant. If a presidential election were held in France today, Hollande wouldn’t come close to getting reelected. In fact, he would finish well behind the centrist candidate, probably Nicolas Sarkozy, and a conservative candidate, Marine Le Pen, who would win the presidency if the presidential election were held today. That’s right; a conservative is the candidate of choice in France.

     Marine Le Pen is not new to politics. She has been railing against the European Union (EU), illegal immigration, open borders, France’s welfare system, and multiculturalism for quite some time. Le Pen and her political party, the National Front, is demonized in France for opinions on issues that are branded by the French media as “racist” and “xenophobic.” Sound familiar? Demonizing conservatives by calling them names is from the playbook of America’s mainstream media outlets. The French media always refers to Le Pen as the “far-right” leader. Sound familiar? I think American mainstream media pinheads use “right wing extremists” when referring to conservatives in America.

     Le Pen is used to the tactics employed by the socialists who inhabit most media outlets in France, so she ignores them and stays on message. She is not afraid to be politically incorrect and call out the politicians who claim that open borders and uncontrolled immigration are somehow beneficial to the countries who favor such nonsense. Le Pen rejects open borders and unchecked immigration and proposes tighter border controls for France, which she describes as “bankrupt” and with “a rocketing unemployment rate.” She counts among the causes of France’s bankruptcy and high unemployment rate illegal immigrants and a welfare system imported from the U.S. The following are quotes from an interview she did with RT News that sum up her position on immigration, multiculturalism, and welfare:

The ‘ultra-liberal model’  had been “imported from and imposed by the United States…which destroys economies and denies the people the riches that they themselves have created, and denies nations their sovereignty,” firmly believing it is not in France’s interests to pursue it.

Things are getting worse and worse, and these two movements managed to turn one of the world’s richest countries, France, into a bankrupt country with a rocketing unemployment rate, with poverty that continues to rise, with a real feeling of despair, and with a culture that is collapsing.

Marseilles, France: “40% Muslim and the Most Dangerous City in Europe.”
From Sharia Unveiled

     It sounds a lot like the U.S. Unfortunately, the greater majority of Americans are not interested in turning away from socialism. Most people in the U.S. distrust government, but want the federal government to do more. It is a bizarre turn of events that people in France might be turning away from socialism to conservatism while large segments of the American population look to the federal government to solve all of their problems. Plus, multiculturalism is alive and well in America, and it is politically incorrect to say anything negative about it. Think about it. Can you name a U.S. politician who has ever uttered a negative word about multiculturalism, much less called it an “utter failure” like Angela Merkel, or a “myth” like Le Pen has called it?

     It is quite possible that French people in France have discovered that it is in the best interest of France to make France their number one priority. France might be ready to deal with a bloated government bureaucracy, unsustainable welfare system, and the deleterious effects of immigration. I wonder when the U.S. will finally have the guts to deal with the same problems.

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