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Congressman Race Peddler

Posted in Culture, Politics3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     The level of stupidity reached by some people in response to the decision by a grand jury not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the altercation that took place between him and Michael Brown is off the charts. Last night, several members of the United States House of Representatives made fools of themselves by raising their hands in the air as a show of solidarity with black racists, rioters, and looters across America. One of the race-baiters who put his hands up was Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.). 

     Jeffries represents the 8th District of New York, which is comprised of the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Jeffries is exactly what the people of Brooklyn and Queens do not need for representation unless they want a race peddler solely focused on pushing racial division and vengeance.

     I’m not sure how Jeffries spending his time, time that is paid for by taxpayers, further perpetuating the myth that Michael Brown was a “gentle giant” who had his hands raised in the air ready to comply with law enforcement is going to help the U.S. or the people of his district. Maybe his constituents sent tens of thousands of e-mails and called his congressional office numerous times demanding that he go onto the floor of the House of Representatives and put his hands up in the air for Michael Brown?

     I’m thinking Ronald and Alana Russo are less than impressed with Jeffries antics. I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Ronald and Alana Russo, correct? You should have heard of them over a year ago, but the government controlled media did not report how they were dragged from their vehicle by a group of ten (10) black people and viciously beaten in the middle of a street in Brooklyn. Never heard about it, right? That’s because the Obama drones at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC didn’t think it was newsworthy. The government controlled media had to cover up what happened to Ronald and Alana because they cannot let it get out that black people can be racist thugs perpetrating heinous crimes against white people, nor can they have people putting two and two together to discover that the Great Uniter is in fact a fraud, and black on white crime has skyrocketed since Obama was sworn in as the POTUS.  Jeffries is certainly doing his part to protect Obama by ignoring black on white crime in his district.

     The beat down Ronald and Alana received was because Ronald honked his car horn to try and get the thugs to move out of the street, so he could drive through an intersection after the traffic light turned green. After Ronald honked his horn, the thugs surrounded his car and started kicking it repeatedly. When Ronald stepped out of his car to check the damage, the thugs attacked him and grabbed his wife by the hair and dragged her out of the vehicle while yelling racial slurs at them. According to court documents, “Get those crackers, get that white whore, white motherfu***r” were used repeatedly while they proceeded to fracture Ronald’s nose, break his septum, and bruise him so badly he suffered a blood clot. Jeffries had no response to the incident. I guess he doesn’t see black on white crime in his district as a problem.

     I’m guessing you are thinking that what happened to Ronald and Alana is just an isolated incident perpetrated by thugs, right? Well, you are wrong. 

     A couple of months ago, two black women were arrested for breaking into an apartment in Brooklyn, robbing the three tenants, then threatening to kill the tenants if they didn’t leave immediately. Precious Parker and Sabrina James stole $800, an iPhone, and personal information from the tenants. During the home invasion and robbery, Precious and Sabrina told the white victims, “We’re tired of white people moving into Brooklyn.” I guess Precious and Sabrina prefer to be segregated from white people? The most audacious action of Precious and Sabrina was that they robbed the “white devils” on a Thursday and stayed in the devils’ lair until they were arrested on Saturday. What took the police so long to knock on the apartment door and arrest Precious and Sabrina? Did the police have to check with someone to make sure it was still against the law for black people to forcibly remove white people from their homes? Maybe police in NYC have to consult the PC police before arresting a black person?

     I could provide plenty of examples of black on white crime in Jeffries’ district, but I think you get the picture. Jeffries is silent when it comes to black on white crime, crime that is taking place in his district, but he is more than willing to peddle race for an incident that took place in Missouri. He is completely ignorant of the facts of the case, and I would venture to guess he knows absolutely nothing about Ferguson, Missouri or the State of Missouri. He probably couldn’t point to the State of Missouri on a map.

     One of the biggest issues facing America is the lack of law and order. Every incident that takes place that can be twisted and exploited by racist Democrats and the government controlled media is pushed down our throats with 24/7 coverage meant to whip some people into a frenzy to the point of inciting riots while hoping to strike fear into some people to the point of surrender. 

     Jeffries actions tell me, he is not interested in restoring law and order in Ferguson, Missouri. What could be his motivation for doing something so pathetic on the floor of the House? He is an opportunist who is ceasing an opportunity to further his agenda by peddling race in order to divide Americans. I would suggest that Jeffries put aside his agenda, so he can focus on his constituents who need real representation not a race peddler consumed by his own agenda.

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