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America and Communism

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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. – Barack Hussein Obama

“atheism” … reminds one of children, assuring everyone who is ready to listen to them that they are not afraid of the bogy man. – Karl Marx

     America is ripe for communism and has been for some time. Although Marxists like Barack Hussein Obama have been slowly chipping away at the United States Constitution and individual liberty by infiltrating America’s political system, it is the abolition of God and morality in favor of relativism and materialism that laid the groundwork for the Obama presidency and will provide a bright future for communism in America.

     Imagine a country where the greater majority of the citizenry believe there is nothing beyond their individual lives. A country where most of the people have no transcendent religious belief. These are people who think they have nothing but this life, so they will do anything to protect this life and prolong it at all costs.

     The individuals roaming America searching for meaning typically turn to consumption (materialism). The inherent problem with consumption is that the satisfaction one gets from consuming is temporary and ceases to satisfy. You’ve seen people standing in line waiting to purchase the newest iPhone, video gaming system, or video game. Why do you suppose people stand in line for things they don’t need and probably don’t want?

Line for iPhone 6

     People are desperate to find something or somebody who they think transcends life, fictitious or real, and Hollywood is happy to provide it. Hollywood presents “heroes” from comic book strips that appeal to people who are looking for someone who transcends this world. The movie franchises Superman, Batman, and Spiderman are successful far beyond any Hollywood executive’s expectations. These movies are so appealing that people dress like the characters in the movies, and camp out in front of movie theaters for days waiting to buy tickets for the newest installment of the franchises. Why do these movies generate such enthusiasm from people?

Ticket Lines for Batman

     There is a “profession” that also provides “heroes” for the lost and confused, that profession is professional sports. The “superstars” who play football, basketball, and baseball in America have become “heroes” to millions of people. What makes these athletes heroes? Nothing, other than they play a game. However, these athletes illicit hero worship from millions of Americans looking for someone to look up to and help them escape their lives. Sports has become more than just entertainment, and the people who play them have become larger than life. Why have athletes become gods to so many people?

     There is something Hollywood has discovered that can be delivered quickly and regularly to the masses, “reality television.” Reality television is even more influential than movies or sports because the characters are regular people with no special talent. Reality television gives hope to the lost souls who believe in the transcendence of themselves. The people on reality television shows are real, so they are a source of inspiration to the lost, narcissistic people looking to fill a void. 

     The ultimate in reality television seems to be Keeping up with the Kardashians because there is no premise to the show, and the people on the show are void of any redeeming qualities whatsoever. When you watch the Kardashians, you are immediately struck by how untalented, vacuous, and materialistic they are at a level that is truly disturbing. The entire show seems to be about materialistic narcissists sitting around talking about their perceived problems. Why is the show so appealing to so many people? 

     In my opinion, the appeal of the Kardashians is that it is a show about nothing, made up of people with no talent, who are famous for nothing, and find solace in material possessions. It is what millions of people dream of in America; the ability to be rich and famous despite a lack of talent or any marketable skills whatsoever. The Kardashians have accumulated enough money to meet their needs, and provide a never-ending series of experiences, which is the dream of most Godless, amoral people.

     Millions of Americans are looking for something to give their lives meaning because once God, country, family, and morals are stripped away, there is nothing left but a gnawing need to give meaning to their lives. The Kardashians provide a blueprint for individuals who are tired of looking outside themselves for meaning to their lives. The Kardashians are a small herd of people who have exalted experience above reason thereby reducing their lives to a never-ending series of experiences. The Kardashians look to themselves to provide meaning to their lives and fill a void. In other words, they are the ones they’ve been waiting for all this time. For the Kardashians, there is nothing that transcends themselves. 
     A large segment of the population has no religious or moral foundation. They are products of the breakdown of the American family. They are individuals who are yearning for truth. The lack of truth and conviction in their lives has reduced them to a life of emptiness. 

     Marxists are opportunists who prey on people hoping to take advantage of their despair. Life without a transcendent religion creates the perfect opportunity for communist demagogues. Once people discover that personal experiences and the elevation of the self will not prevent hardships, shield them from pain, meet all of their needs, and make them happy, they look elsewhere. They will look to anything, or anyone they think has the power to deliver everything to them. This is why Obama will not be the last Marxist POTUS. 

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