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Net Neutrality

Posted in Bureaucracy, Tyranny3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Barack Hussein Obama is pushing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate Internet service providers (ISP) the same way in which the federal government (fed gov) regulates public utilities. He doesn’t point to any problems, and he conceals his agenda behind his push to have the FCC regulate ISPs in the usual language of equality. It doesn’t matter what the issue is for liberals they always claim there are victims, and they are fighting to protect them. In the case of the Internet, Obama claims he is fighting to force ISPs to treat all data on the internet equally by not discriminating based on the user, website, content, application, and mode of communication. That sounds great, right?    


     Obama has warned Congress that he will issue an Executive Order to realize Net Neutrality. Why would a dedicated Marxist care about the Internet? The following is a list of reasons:

  • Control the Message. The mainstream media is owned and operated by liberals, and until the Internet, it was virtually impossible to obtain news that was not filtered by the liberals who control the major news outlets. The Internet allows people to obtain unbiased, unfiltered news 24/7, which drives liberals nuts. The major networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC, would like to return to their glory days where the only news to be had was on their networks, and they decided what was newsworthy.
  • Regulate – Control Content. Once the fed gov starts to regulate the Internet, it can dictate the rules for all ISPs and users. Conservatives have to be muzzled, and once fed gov bureaucrats regulate the Internet you can expect the Political Correctness Police to purge the Internet of anything it deems inappropriate, which is mainly anything that does not promote their Marxist agenda.
  • Taxes. Regulations never come without taxes. If/When Net Neutrality becomes a reality, the next step will be to tax the Internet. The billing statement you receive from your ISP will suddenly contain a laundry list of federal taxes and fees. The FCC commissioner has made it clear that Obama’s plan for Net Neutrality would bring an ‘immediate’ internet tax.

     Currently, the ISPs are not discriminating based on race, gender, or religion, they are simply providing different levels of service based on their customers. Is it possible your ISP expends more time and effort to make its larger customers happy, yes? I am well aware that ISPs would rather have Hulu’s business over my business, and I do not blame them. I am comfortable with the fact that I have no leverage to negotiate with my ISP unlike Hulu does with its ISP. 

     The number of ISP providers and the broadband strength they provide varies from town to town, city to city, and neighborhood to neighborhood. In my neighborhood, there are only two ISPs available to me, and the broadband strength each company offers is different, and they offer different prices. I don’t complain about the lack of ISPs available to me nor do I think the ISPs are discriminating against me. I freely chose to transact with my current ISP as a consumer making a choice based on what I want and can afford. 

     If/When Net Neutrality becomes a reality, the flood gates will open for the fed gov to tax and regulate your Internet. Of course, it won’t just stop with the fed gov because just like your phone bills, the state governments and local governments will want to get some of your money. The “surcharges” and “taxes and fees” you see on your phone bill will double once the fed gov starts taxing the ISPs because the ISPs are going to pass on the tax levied on them to you, the consumer. The following surcharges, taxes, and fees are going to cause your Internet bill to skyrocket:

  • Regulatory Recovery Fee
  • PUC Recovery Fee
  • State Universal Service Fund
  • Federal Universal Service Fund
  • Federal Subscriber Charge
  • State and Local Sales Tax
  • Equalization Surcharge

     The idea that Net Neutrality is about equality is absurd! Nobody is being mistreated by the ISPs. The current prices for Internet service are not unreasonable; there is plenty of competition which benefits consumers by keeping prices down and offering options. When companies have to compete consumers win. Once the fed gov starts meddling via regulations, taxes, and price controls, you will see the Internet cease to exist in its current form.

     The market is working as it should, but liberals cannot stand that there is something that is not being taxed and regulated. The free exchange of information and ideas that takes place on the internet bothers Marxists like Obama because the fed gov has zero control. The liberals cannot control the message, so it is time for them to wrest control away from the marketplace. 

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