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Loretta Lynch is a Radical Leftist and Race-Baiter just like Eric Holder

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     Loretta Lynch is a radical leftist and race-baiter just like Eric Holder. Why are Democrats and Republicans singing the praises of Loretta Lynch, the person Obama has designated to replace Eric Holder for U.S. Attorney General, considering there is plenty of evidence she would be nothing more than a continuation of Holder and his racially motivated practices? Al Sharpton has given his seal of approval because “she will continue the work of Eric Holder.” Actually, The Daily Caller has reported that it is quite possible that Sharpton literally made the decision to replace Holder with Lynch. It would make sense that Sharpton, a professional race-baiter and time-waster, would choose to tab someone like Lynch who sits on Holder’s Advisory Committee. This would be the committee that has politicized the U.S. Department of Justice and effectively turned it into an extension of the Democratic National Committee.

     Lynch has made it clear that she will continue the DOJ’s lawsuits against the states that have passed voter ID laws. I have never been able to make the connection between voter ID laws and racism, but neither has Eric Holder or Barack Hussein Obama. I have never heard a liberal explain how voter ID laws are racist, they simply assert that they are racist.

     I assume Lynch will also continue to shake down corporations much like Holder shook down Bank of America’s Countrywide. Holder filed a lawsuit against Countrywide alleging that it engaged in discriminatory mortgage-lending practices. There was no evidence of discrimination, the DOJ’s case simply alleged that some blacks and Hispanics received loans with higher fees and interest rates than some white home buyers, not all white home buyers. The DOJ faults Countrywide for not mining its lending data to search for racism. The DOJ asserts that Countrywide should have found the discrimination and sought out the “victims” to compensate them, not the whites, just the black and Hispanic “victims.” 

     The case never went to trial because Countrywide settled out of court (without admitting fault) for $335 million in order to avoid the negative publicity. What was the real reason Holder filed the lawsuit against Countrywide? The lawsuit is part of the DOJ’s mission of racial vengeance. The lawsuit didn’t even have any victims as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The DOJ is still looking for “victims” to redistribute the wealth it confiscated from Countrywide. 

     I wonder if Lynch approved of Operation Fast and Furious? Fast and Furious was devised by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) under Holder’s watch, and it proved to be a disaster because it is responsible for the death of Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, and numerous Mexican nationals. 

     The idea behind Fast and Furious was to have gun dealers sell weapons to suspected members of Mexican drug cartels to see where the guns would end up. I know, sounds really stupid, right? The incompetence of the Obama administration never ceases to amaze me. It was a Fast and Furious gun that killed Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, on December 14, 2010 in Arizona near the Mexico border. In fact, two assault rifles that were part of Fast and Furious were found at the crime scene. Several guns that were part of Fast and Furious showed up at other crime scenes, including the scene of a bloody shootout at Puerto Penasco, a Mexican resort just south of Arizona, the murder of the brother of a Mexican state prosecutor, and the murder of a beauty queen. 

     A congressional probe of Fast and Furious hit a brick wall when Holder and the White House refused to turn over documents related to the operation. Congress eventually sanctioned Holder for contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the operation. The person who holds the highest law enforcement office in the United States refused to comply with a subpoena issued by the United States Congress. To be fair, a DOJ inspector general cleared Holder of any wrongdoing. That makes sense, an attorney at the DOJ is responsible for investigating the head of the DOJ. I’m sure the DOJ investigator conducted an honest, impartial investigation, right?

     If Sharpton is right about Lynch in that he thinks she will continue Holder’s work, the DOJ will continue down the same path of racial vengeance and lawlessness. I have no reason to think a con artist like Sharpton who likely picked Lynch to replace Holder would be wrong about Lynch, which means nothing is going to change at the DOJ. Thus far, the most puzzling statements made since Obama announced Lynch would replace Holder are those made by Republicans, specifically John McCain who thinks Lynch will easily be confirmed by the senate.

     I had no idea that a Senate confirmation hearing is a mere formality. It looks like Lynch will fly through her confirmation hearing with no resistance from Democrats or Republicans despite plenty of reasons to vote against Lynch as the next Attorney General of the United States.

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