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Global Warming in Buffalo, NOT!

Posted in Politics3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     The City of Buffalo and some suburbs south of Buffalo are getting a lot of snow this week. The snow is supposed to stop tomorrow morning, God willing, but large amounts of snow have already wreaked havoc on the people of Buffalo and the surrounding areas. Thus far, Cheektowaga is recording 65 inches of snow, Hamburg has 63 inches, and Lancaster has 63 inches. There is no doubt the lake effect snow the area is getting is quite a demonstration of the power of Mother Nature.

     I am waiting for the global warming nuts to start babbling on about how global warming caused the record snowfall in Buffalo. Wait, do they still call their climate manure global warming? I think they might have moved onto climate disruption, climate change? The liberal website, Salon, has already made the mystical connection between snow and warmer temperatures, but eventually the mainstream leftists will start peddling their snake oil. It is only a matter of time before ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN start cackling on about global warming. 

     The words being used by the leftists to describe the snowstorm thus far are: epic, monster, deadly, bizarre, unexpected, and unpredictable. I agree that a snow storm that drops 5 feet of snow is an epic storm, monster storm, etc., etc., but words like bizarre, unexpected, or unpredictable are inaccurate. Have you ever been to Buffalo? If you have ever been to Buffalo in November, December, January, February, March, or April, you know the common denominator for all of these months is snow, and lots of it. If not, you should watch the Weather Channel during the aforementioned months, so you can see the daily weather forecast for Buffalo because more often than not it is snowing in Buffalo.

     Now, back to the idea that this week’s snowstorm in Buffalo is bizarre, unpredictable, or unexpected. The snow that has fallen on Buffalo is lake effect snow. What is lake effect snow? Lake effect snow occurs when wind, cold air, and warm water collide. In this case, cold air hit the warm water of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, so the cold air picked up moisture. When the wind carried the moist air to shore and collided with the colder air over Buffalo and the surrounding areas, it created snow, a lot of snow. Buffalo and other Great Lakes cities are well aware that until the lakes freeze over, the potential is always there for large amounts of snowfall due to the lake effect.

     Why did Buffalo get so much snow? Once the cold, moist air blew inland, the wind died down, so the snow hung over places like Hamburg and Cheektowaga and did not move. The wind needed to blow harder, or at least change direction, but it did neither. 

     I feel terrible for the families who lost loved ones in the snowstorm. I hope and pray that things clear up in Buffalo, so people in the hardest hit areas can return to some semblance of normalcy. I know people in Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Hamburg, and Lancaster can handle 5 feet of snow because they are hardened people, with a great deal of resolve and resilience. I just hope they don’t have to be subjected to the global warming babble from the leftists who never pass up an opportunity, real or imagined, to push their agenda.

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