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Barack Hussein Mussolini and Black People

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It appears that President Obama and the Democrat Party are willing to throw Black Americans overboard in exchange for amnesty. In a quest to maintain power, the Democrats have discovered that there are not enough black voters to keep them in office. – Patricia L. Dickson

The interests of black Americans are clear. No amnesty, no guest workers, enforce the immigration laws. – T. Willard Fair, President and CEO of the Urban League of Miami

It is likely that if illegal immigrants are granted legal status, more people will come to America illegally and will further crowd African-American men (and other low-skilled men and women) out of the workforce.  – Peter Kirsanow, Chair of Congressional Black Caucus

     I remember the jubilation of black people when Barack Hussein Obama was elected president in 2008. I listened to black people talk about how things were going to be different for them. Black people spoke as if Obama’s victory was going to instantly improve their station in life. The euphoria displayed by black people reminded me of Exodus 3:8: And I have come down to deliver them out of the land of Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey. Unfortunately for black people, after six years of a black POTUS, the milk is rancid.                  

     The unemployment rate for black people ages 16-19 is 40.8 percent. People 16-19 years of age obviously do not have a college degree or any type of skill, so there are only so many jobs available to them. The most important thing unskilled workers need to find a permanent, full time job is a strong U.S. economy, without a strong economy the deck is stacked against them. Considering the U.S. economy is in terrible shape, the prospect of unemployed, black people finding a job is bleak. 

     Prior to Obama’s amnesty plan, it was already an uphill battle for black people to find work. Thanks to America’s open borders, young, black people are forced to compete with illegal immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. The only competitive advantage young, black people have for securing a job over illegal immigrants is the E-Verify system that allows employers to check whether their current or potential employees are authorized to work in America, but employers are not required to use the system, so it is not much of an advantage. If/When amnesty becomes a reality, the E-Verify system and black people will be left behind in favor of cheap labor from third world countries.

     The worst part of Obama’s amnesty plan is that he has given 5 to 5.5 million illegal immigrants, (felons who broke federal and state laws) a free pass, and has sent a message to anyone left in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Nicaragua that they just need to get to America and they will be allowed to stay. Americans, black and white, can expect anybody left in the aforementioned third world countries to continue their invasion of America, with no resistance from the government that is responsible for protecting America’s borders.

     Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution gives the power to establish a uniform rule of naturalization to Congress. It is a very bold move by Obama to ignore the constitution, but one he is willing to make now that the mid-term elections are over and he no longer has to face American voters directly or indirectly ever again. A few weeks ago, Obama’s policies were soundly rejected by Americans at the ballot box, but he is not interested in what the average American thinks of him or his policies. He does understand that since he has been POTUS Democrats have lost the House and the Senate, and he has had a large part to play in such a huge swing in power in Congress, so he wants to protect the Democrat Party by delivering 5 million new Democrat voters.

     Obama assumes black people will always vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, so he takes them for granted. When he announced that he is going to circumvent the Constitution and Congress in the name of compassion for illegal immigrants because of the terrible plight they have endured, i.e., “living in the shadows” because they are criminals, he never once mentioned the plight of unemployed, black people, or any other U.S. citizens. He doesn’t care about black people who are unemployed or underemployed, he just wants you to keep voting Democrat, and in return he will continue to fundamentally transform America to make it harder for you to get ahead.

     Obama’s amnesty plan to provide instant legitimacy to 5 to 5.5 million illegal immigrants has probably hammered the last nail in the coffin for young, unskilled, black people, and every other unskilled American looking for work. The dire situation of tens of millions of Americans, black and white, should be enough for people to set aside their differences and come together to stand against politicians who want to destroy their jobs or any chance they might have to get a job. 

     The millions of illegal immigrants who unlawfully crossed into America were not dying to be Americans, they just wanted to be in America, and there is a big difference between wanting to be an American and wanting to take advantage of America. These people have no respect for the laws of America or its culture, they are motivated by their own self-interest not what is in the best interest of America. These are the people Obama and the Democrats have chosen to focus on while leaving black Americans and every other American behind in favor of criminals from third world countries who they hope will allow them to gain and maintain power for decades to come.

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