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Thomas Frieden: Narcissistic Obama Drone

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Narcissism falls along the axis of what psychologists call personality disorders, one of a group that includes antisocial, dependent, histrionic, avoidant and borderline personalities. But by most measures, narcissism is one of the worst, if only because the narcissists themselves are so clueless. – Jeffrey Kluger
     The mounting Ebola crisis in the U.S. has captured the attention of millions of Americans as well it should. The questions on every American’s mind is how exactly does one contract the virus, and how do you protect yourself from the virus? Evidently, the person who has all of the answers is the self-proclaimed expert, Thomas Frieden, Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, who makes dogmatic statements about Ebola as if he were God providing the Ten Commandments to Moses. Why does Frieden make these statements? Why is he so dogmatic about Ebola?
     Frieden has made several statements that would indicate that he is an expert on Ebola, but his background shows that he is anything but an expert. Frieden is a career bureaucrat who has never studied Ebola. Based on the information I could find on Frieden, he has never held any type of job in research much less a job in which he researched viral diseases. The information I find on his work experience shows that he has been a federal, state or local government bureaucrat since he graduated medical school. So why is he the authoritative voice on everything Ebola? He is the Oracle of Ebola because he is a narcissist like most people who serve in the Obama administration.
     Frieden has made several statements that lead me to think he is a narcissist. The first statement he made was regarding the Liberian man infected with Ebola who flew on two commercial jetliners on his way to Dallas, Texas. Frieden claims the passengers who were on the same flights as the Liberian man are not in any danger of contracting Ebola. Frieden stated, “At this point there is zero risk of transmission on the flight.” I guess his position within the federal government provides him with the expertise to make such a statement?
     How does one contract Ebola? Frieden claims the CDC knows exactly how the virus spreads and how to stop it. He claims the only way Ebola spreads from one human being to another is through “physical contact with a symptomatic individual or their bodily fluids.” If you talk to Dr. C.J. Peters, he will tell you that you cannot rule out the possibility that Ebola spreads through the air in tight quarters. Dr. Peters led the CDC’s most thorough, lengthy study of Ebola’s transmissibility in humans, so he knows that there is not enough data to rule out airborne transmission.
     Dr. Phillip K. Russell, a virologist who worked for the U.S. Army’s Medical Research and Development Command, also does not share Frieden’s opinion. Dr. Russell told David Willman at The Los Angeles Times the following:
If Ebola were to mutate on its path from human to human, its virulence might wane, or it might spread in ways not observed during past outbreaks, which were stopped after transmission among just two or three people, before the virus had a greater chance to evolve.  I see the reasons to dampen down public fears, but scientifically we’re in the middle of the first experiment of multiple, serial passages of Ebola virus in man…God knows what this virus is going to look like, I don’t.
I suggest all Americans listen to the likes of Doctors Peters and Russell and not the dogmatic declarations of a lifelong government bureaucrat working for the Obama administration. Click Here
     The most telling statement of Frieden’s narcissistic personality disorder is the one he made in response to the news that a nurse, Nina Pham, who treated the aforementioned Liberian man at a hospital in Dallas, has the Ebola virus. Frieden on hearing the news stated: “At some point there was a breach in protocol. That breach in protocol resulted in this infection.” Nina Pham and/or the hospital are to blame because he has already declared that the virus cannot be transmitted through the air. Pham wore the protective gear, so how did she get the virus. It is highly unlikely that any of the health care workers involved in the treatment of the Liberian man were lackadaisical in their approach to protecting themselves and their co-workers. Are we to believe that Pham disregarded safety protocols? Pham was not worried about the virus, so she went rogue? Is it possible that Frieden and the rest of the feckless bureaucrats who work at the CDC don’t really know the ways in which the Ebola virus can spread from human to human?  

     Frieden is just another Obama drone who has built a narcissistic bubble around himself that will not allow reality to enter. My advice is to listen to what the Obama drones in the federal government say about the Ebola virus, and believe the opposite.

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