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The Ebola Czar: Bundler and Political Hack for Democrats

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       Barack Obama has appointed Ron Klain as his Ebola Czar.  Who is Ron Klain and what qualifies him to handle the current Ebola crisis? Klain is a bundler for Obama and Democrats. He is also a political hack who has used his access to Democrat politicians, including Obama, to assist wealthy, crony capitalists Democrats in securing loans from the federal government (fedgov) for phony green companies that went bankrupt and left taxpayers holding the bag. What qualifies Klain for the position of Ebola Czar? Is he a medical doctor? No. Is he a virologist? No. Is he a research scientist? No. Is he a health care expert? No. Nothing qualifies Klain to be the Ebola Czar. So why did Obama appoint him to the position?  

     Klain was not appointed to Ebola Czar to manage the Ebola crisis. He was appointed to line up Obama/Democrat bundlers and donors for what will be another tax dollar giveaway. I refer to it as the donors, bundlers, friends, and family plan. Klain may not have experience in infectious diseases, but he has experience in crony capitalism.

     Anybody remember Solyndra? Solyndra is the “green” company that secured a $535 million loan from John Q. Taxpayer for its solar panel tubing. You might remember that Obama stopped by Solyndra’s headquarters in Fremont, California in the summer of 2010 and bragged on camera that Solyndra is a shining example of what the U.S. economy is going to look like in the future. Obama looked straight into his teleprompter and provided us with this nugget: “The future is here. We’re poised to transform the ways we power our homes and our cars and our businesses. And we’re poised to generate countless new jobs, good-paying middle class jobs, right here in the United States of America.”

     Approximately a year later, Solyndra filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and 1,100 people lost their jobs, so much for fundamentally transforming the U.S. economy. There goes the taxpayers’ $535 million; a small price to pay to reward Obama’s campaign donors and bundlers, right? No?

     I know what you’re thinking, what does Solyndra have to do with Klain, right? 

     The Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee Program was created by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and signed into law by Bush 43. The program was on a much smaller scale under the Bush Administration, and the greater majority of loan applications were denied, including a loan application from Solyndra that was denied in January 2009. So, who resuscitated Solyndra’s loan application? Why was the loan resuscitated? 

     Two months after Obama took office, the Solyndra loan was approved.  Why was the loan approved? The largest shareholder in Solyndra was George Kaiser. Kaiser hosted an Obama fundraiser at his home in 2008 that raised $250,000 to help Obama defeat Hillary Clinton during the Democrat primary. Kaiser being a dedicated crony capitalist raised another $100,000 for Obama’s general election fund. What did Kaiser get for his money? 

     In 2009, analysts at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) declared that Solyndra was “not ready for prime time.” Despite the OMB’s objections to providing a taxpayer loan to Solyndra, the loan was approved. At the time, Klain was Joe Biden’s chief of staff, and the White House visitor record shows Kaiser visited Klain and Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel several times leading up to the approval of Solyndra’s loan. Klain and Emanuel greased the wheels of crony capitalism to deliver $535 million of your tax dollars to Solyndra.

     Klain is the Ebola czar because he knows how to identify Obama/Democrat campaign donors and bundlers and deliver tax dollars to them. The groundwork has been laid for funding of the Viral Defender Emergency Act (not bad, right?). Once the fedgov contracts are handed it out, you will hear the names of the who’s who of wealthy, Democrat, crony capitalists such as Ronald Perelman (see Siga Technologies). I also expect Johnson & Johnson to secure a hefty amount from Obama’s Ebola Defense Fund (I am trying out different names.), since Liz Fowler, former special assistant to the president for health care and economic policy, now leads Johnson & Johnson’s global health policy in its government affairs and policy group.  DE Shaw Research (biotechnology) will be in play for your hard-earned tax dollars as well. David Shaw, CEO, has given $1,000,000 to the PAC, Organizing for Action (OFA,) that provides campaign contributions to Obama/Democrats, so the Ebola crisis, along with the political access that has been bought and paid for by Shaw, seems like a perfect storm for DE Shaw Research to bilk taxpayers. 

     Klain has been appointed as the Ebola czar, and CDC officials are complaining that the CDC does not have the funds to create a vaccine for Ebola, these two things will lead to an Ebola for Dollars fleecing of taxpayers. 

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