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Feckless, Arrogant Bureaucrats

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     The most telling exchange thus far in the firestorm that has resulted from the asinine, ill conceived exchange of five Taliban terrorists for one American soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, who deserted his platoon, is the exchange between Fox news producer, Lucas Tomlinson, and Marie Harf, State Department spokesman. During the exchange, the level of incompetence and arrogance of the Obama administration were on full display in the form of Marie Harf.
     During the daily press briefing at the State Department, Tomlinson asked Harf several pointed questions about whether Bergdahl is a hero who served his country with honor and distinction as the Obama administration has asserted, or is he a deserter like members of his platoon have claimed. The transcript that follows is from Real Clear Politics.
LUCAS TOMLINSON, FOX NEWS PRODUCER: Does the State Department consider Sergeant Bergdahl to be a deserter?

MARIE HARF, STATE DEPARTMENT: The State Department – no, Lucas. Look, what we said is we are going to learn the facts about what happened here. We said very clearly in a statement from the Secretary on Saturday that Sergeant Bergdahl was a member of the United States military who volunteered to serve his country. We don’t know the facts about what happened yet on that day.

QUESTION: (Inaudible) according to those around him, his platoon mates, his squad mates, company mates, they said he walked off the base.

MS. HARF: Lucas, some of them – other – there are conflicting reports out there about this. Look —

QUESTION: Are there?

MS. HARF: There are. Go Google it on the web and you’ll find a ton of conflicting reports. The fact is we’re still establishing a fact pattern about what happened, how he ended up in Taliban captivity. So when he is able to share those, as Chairman Dempsey said today, he will. He also said, like any American, he is innocent until proven guilty. Our army’s leaders will not look away from misconduct if it occurred. In the meantime, we will continue to care for him and his family.

So I think people need to be really careful about believing every second or third-hand report out there, and also what the President, what the Secretary, what Chairman Dempsey have said: Regardless of how he went missing, it is our responsibility to him to bring him home, period.

QUESTION: And when you say second- and third-hand reports, when his squad mates who served with him overseas said he walked off the —

MS. HARF: Lucas, I’m sure some of them – I mean, look, there’s a lot of rumor and telephone game that’s being played here about what happened. Not all —

QUESTION: So you’re saying that the guys on television last night – his squad mates, platoon mates – were not correct?

MS. HARF: I’m saying we don’t know the fact pattern yet here. We don’t. Nobody knows exactly what happened that night. As the facts emerge, as he’s able to discuss them with the Department of Defense, we will see where that takes us.

QUESTION: Going back to —

MS. HARF: That happened five years ago. This is a situation —

QUESTION: So you’ve had all this time, five years, to determine whether he was a deserter or not. That’s a long time.

MS. HARF: He’s been in captivity, Lucas. I think he’s probably the person who knows best what happened on that night.

QUESTION: But – well, I think that his squad mates have the best indication what happened that night.

MS. HARF: I don’t think that that’s the case.

     Harf is a very smug, arrogant, feckless bureaucrat that is in over her head and doesn’t even know it. During the exchange, Harf claims that there are “conflicting reports” as to the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s absence without leave (AWOL) from his platoon. However, members of his platoon have come forward to let the American people know that Bergdahl is not a hero, far from it in fact, he is at best a deserter and possibly a traitor. If you don’t believe Harf, well, in her words, “Go Google it on the web…” Google what? The State Department doesn’t have any information on Bergdahl? Does the State Department get its information from the web? Bergdahl went over to the Taliban five years ago, yet the State Department has no information on his disappearance other than what it can find on Google?
     Harf continues dropping kernels of wisdom aimed at Tomlinson by cautioning him about “believing every second or third-hand report out there.” So, soldiers who served in the same platoon as Bergdahl are providing second and possibly third-hand accounts of Bergdahl’s disappearance and subsequent attempts to find him? Who can provide a first-hand account? Who knows what happened the night Bergdahl disappeared? Harf does let Tomlinson know that Bergdahl’s fellow platoon members cannot provide any insight into what happened the night of Bergdahl’s disappearance. I guess she can provide the details, or maybe her fellow bureaucrats in DC?
     Harf is an Obama drone and career bureaucrat who worked on Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign as the person responsible for all national security and foreign policy issues. According to her bio on the State Department’s website, “Ms. Harf developed and implemented the campaign’s national security policy and communications strategy.” Based on the Obama administration’s abysmal foreign policy, Harf might still be responsible for foreign policy issues. Maybe she is the genius in the administration that came up with the monumentally stupid idea to trade five mass murderers for a deserter?
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