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The American Worker: Not Gone, But Forgotten

Posted in Politics4 years ago • Written by Defender Of Liberty1 Comment

The elitist architects of GATT and NAFTA have locked arms with their corporate cohorts to support a trade policy that is neither fair nor free. Pat Buchanan

Our two parties have become nothing but two wings of the same bird of prey. Neither fights today with conviction and courage to rescue God’s country from the cultural and moral pit into which she has fallen.Pat Buchanan
Both parties seek out the hollow men, the malleable men, willing to read from Teleprompters speeches scripted by consultants.Pat Buchanan
     This article is not an endorsement of unions, in fact, I oppose unions, but I also hold a great deal of disdain for most corporations who worship at the altar of greed. I mourn for my country and its people because politicians and corporations have sold out the American worker for “free trade” and cheap labor.
     For decades, Americans have listened to Republicans and Democrats babble incessantly about the importance of free trade without ever hearing a single politician even attempt to explain why free trade is good for America. Bush 43 said during the 2000 presidential election in response to criticism of NAFTA and free trade in general, “Republicans welcome competition because we know America’s best is the best in the world.” What does Bush even mean…bizarre? Today, the free trade policies of Bush 41, Bill Clinton, Bush 43, and Barack Hussein Obama have created an annual trade deficit with China of $300 billion and $110 billion with Japan. What is the result of these misguided free trade policies devised by politicians to repay their corporate campaign donors? A mass exodus of U.S. companies to foreign lands.
     We’ve heard ad nauseam about how critics of free trade and the global economy don’t know anything about trade and economics. The proponents of free trade claim that somehow the global economy is a living thing that took over without any tinkering by politicians; that somehow globalism could not be stopped. If so, why didn’t U.S. corporations leave America before the free trade policies of the aforementioned White House administrations? They didn’t leave when tariffs were in place because they would have to pay to get their goods into the U.S. market. That’s right, once corporations had a guarantee from the politicians in D.C. that they would be able to bring products made in foreign countries into America free of charge, entire plants moved overseas. Their competitors who chose to stay in America were undercut and run out of business or forced to join the stampede abroad.
     It is troubling to hear politicians cite Adam Smith’s An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations when defending their free trade policies because Smith made it clear there are exceptions to free trade. There are occasions, Smith wrote, when it must be “advantageous to lay some burden upon foreign [imports], for the encouragement of domestic industry.” Smith did not favor unbridled, continual free trade. Politicians and transnational corporations who worship at the altar of greed are involved in a salacious relationship that will never produce tariffs or anything positive for the American worker. 
     The U.S. must match China and Japan’s tariffs 100 percent. The U.S. must turn toward economic nationalism to recover from decades of free trade policies that have destroyed America’s manufacturing base and plunged the middle class into the abyss. I agree with Pat Buchanan regarding trade policies. “Rather than making global free trade a golden calf which will all bow down to, and worship, all trade deals should be judged by whether: 
  1. They maintain U.S. sovereignty;
  2. They protect vital economic interests;
  3. And they ensure a rising standard of living for all our workers. 
We must stop sacrificing American jobs on the altars of transnational corporations whose sole loyalty is to the bottom line.” America first, second, and third!
     The U.S. needs to impose a tariff on all goods entering the country. The U.S. should abolish corporate taxes and replace the tax dollars lost with a 20 percent tariff on all goods entering the U.S., but in instances where countries like China and Japan impose extremely high tariffs on U.S. goods, the U.S. should match those tariffs 100 percent. Free trade does not benefit American workers, but fair trade would benefit workers and the economy.

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A frustrated conservative who is very concerned that America has entered its twilight years. Dan has a B.A. in political philosophy and an MBA with a concentration in finance. He has an honorable discharge from the United States Navy after serving for several years after graduating from high school. Please share this with liberals and RINOs because there is nothing better than upsetting them. The U.S. is no longer a constitutional republic, but rather an oligarchy. We live in a post constitutional America where competing tribes sell their votes for the promise of freebies. America is on the cusp of being lost to Marxists and their army of bureaucrats unless the American people move outside of their comfort zone and get involved the same way Marxists have gotten involved by infiltrating the political, educational, and bureaucratic systems.

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  1. Cindy Baccus October 15, 2013 at 10:40 PM - Reply

    When are we going to stand up to foreign countries who hold the U.S. businesses hostage. Let's stop allowing them to block our companies from doing business in their countries while allowing their businesses to continue in our country.

    Stop allowing them to stomp all over us!!!

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