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The United States Department of Anti-Transportation

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Obama’s Scare Tactics Again?

Government sequester and Department of Transportation cuts Lahood 
            The Obama drones are out in full force attempting to scare the American people. A few days ago, the outgoing Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, made an appearance at a White House press conference with the sole purpose of striking fear into the American people by droning on about the impending budget cut to the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) contained in the sequester that goes into effect this Friday. The most pathetic part about LaHood’s scare tactics is that he claims that the budget cut to the DOT will force long flight delays at airports across America. Why?
            The DOT is a cabinet-level department of the federal government that has 55,000employees and an annual budget that has increased every year since its inception. The following is the annual budget for the DOT since FY2009:
  • FY2009 – $68 billion
  • FY2010 – $76.9 billion
  • FY2011 – $79 billion
  • Proposed FY2012 – $129 billion (a 66% increase)
Lahood wants the American people to believe that he is unable to figure out how to  
cut the DOT’s budget besides placing air traffic controllers on furlough.  Putting aside the fact that the federal government should not be the employer of air traffic controllers, why must the cuts come at the expense of the American people? Why make the American people suffer with flight delays?
            The DOT is a bloated federal government bureaucracy that has eleven agencies under its control. The following is a list of those agencies:
  1.          Federal Aviation Administration
  2.          Federal Highway Administration
  3.          Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  4.          Federal Railroad Administration
  5.          Federal Transit Administration
  6.          Maritime Administration
  7.          National Highway Traffic Administration
  8.          Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  9.          Research and Innovative Technology Administration
  10.          Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
  11.          Surface Transportation Board   
          LaHood is unable to find alternatives to cutting air traffic controllers among the DOT’s eleven agencies?  LaHood did say, “I am working with the air traffic controllers’ union to avoid flight delays.” What he is saying is that he is colluding with the union to make it as painful as possible for people who use the airlines because LaHood is an Obama drone that has been drinking from the public trough for far too long.  LaHood and the rest of the federal government bureaucrats and politicians in D.C. forgot a long time ago who their boss is and who pays their salaries, the American people, at least those who pay taxes. 
           I have an idea, shut down the DOT! The DOT is unconstitutional. I am quite certain the airports and airlines would assume responsibility for the air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers could easily transition to airport employees. If the air traffic controllers became employees of the airports would you even notice? Would it cause flight delays? What about if the MaritimeAdministration no longer existed, would you notice? What about the SurfaceTransportation Board? 

 LaHood can’t list other cuts?  Is he really looking?
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