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The United States Department of Anti-Energy

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     The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) was formed under President Jimmy Carter as a response to the energy crisis of the 1970s. The DOE opened its doors on October 1, 1977. The DOE is a cabinet-level department that regulates nuclear power and energy production, but its main purpose today, as it was in 1977, is to find alternative energy sources to fossil fuels.
     Today, the DOE has 16,100 federal government employees and over 100,000 contractors. The DOE’s budget has increased every year since its inception, yet the U.S. is no closer to a stable, reliable, viable alternative to fossil fuels than it was in 1977 despite the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars spent. In fact, the DOE had a budget in 2009 of $26.4 billion and received an additional $38.3 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the results of the increased spending, waste and fraud. That’s right, $64.7 billion in tax dollars in one year. The DOE is not interested in nor is it capable of discovering and developing alternative energy sources, it is nothing more than a bloated bureaucracy comprised of federal government employees and contractors soaking up tax dollars while providing guaranteed loans to friends and campaign donors of Barack Obama.
     The “green” scam forced on the American people started with Bush II in 2005 under a law that allowed for energy subsidies.  The “green” company that has garnered most of the media’s attention is Solyndra. The failed “green” company, Solyndra, originally applied for its loan under the Bush administration era law that allowed for energy subsidies.  Solyndra did not receive any taxpayer money until Obama took office. It was the Obama administration that actually forced the DOE to approve a $535 million taxpayer loan to Solyndra. What is not well known about the Solyndra fiasco is that an investigation by Congress’ House Energy and Commerce Committee found that the Obama administration rushed the approval of the loan despite warnings from Steve Isakowitz, former CFO of the DOE. In Mr. Isakowitz’s words, “Solyndra’s technology and business plan was not ready for primetime.” Why did the Obama administration force the DOE to approve Solyndra’s loan? Simply put, the largest private investor of Solyndra was the George Kaiser Family Foundation. This is important because George Kaiser is a key Obama backer who raised between $50,000 and $100,000 for Obama’s election campaign, and personally donated $53,500 to Obama’s 2008 campaign.
     The mainstream media would have you to believe that Solyndra is an anomaly and that every other “green” company has been successful and void of the political corruption associated with Solyndra. The following is an abbreviated list of “green” companies, their loan amounts, and their connection to the Obama administration:
Abound Solar
     In 2010, Abound Solar received a taxpayer loan of $400 million. Abound Solar filed for bankruptcy in 2012. What is the connection between Abound Solar and the Obama administration? Plenty of billionaire investors in Abound Solar have provided billions of dollars to Obama and various liberal causes. Case in point, billionaire heiress Patricia Stryker, an investor in Abound Solar, provided $87,500 to Obama’s inaugural committee.
A123 Systems
     A123 Systems received a $279 million taxpayer loan from the DOE. A123 Systems filed bankruptcy in 2012. How pathetic and incompetent is your federal government? The same day A123 Systems filed bankruptcy, the federal government made a million dollar payment to A123 Systems. It would take a great deal of time to explain the bungling and political corruption associated with A123 Systems and its executives, so I will not go through it here. I suggest you visit the website of The New American or to learn more.
     SunPower has received $1.2 billion in giveaways from the DOE. SunPower is on the verge of bankruptcy despite its windfall from the DOE. SunPower is a public company that has watched its stock price plummet from $130 per share in 2008 to $4 per share today. However, you can expect the Obama administration to bailout SunPower by ordering the DOE to provide it with more taxpayer dollars. Why? SunPower has funneled some of the money to liberal politicians, including Obama. According to The New American, “SunPower returned more than $60,000 to left-wing politicians, including $10,000 to Barack Obama and $6,000 to Dianne Feinstein. They also gave some $7,500 to California Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy, CEO Richard Swanson gave a $2,500 donation to Obama’s campaign.”
     The aforementioned “green” companies represent a small fraction of the number of companies that have gone bankrupt or are on the verge of bankruptcy. First Solar, BrightSource, Amonix, etc., etc., etc. are a few more examples of companies that received taxpayer money from the DOE and failed miserably.
     The DOE has received hundreds of billions of tax dollars and wasted all of it. The American people’s return on investment for the DOE has been zero.  Why does the DOE still exist? If the DOE closed its doors would you notice, would it change your life?

     The DOE has failed in its mission to discover and develop stable, reliable energy sources. I submit to you that the DOE has become nothing more than a lending agency for politicians to reward their campaign donors and bundlers.  The DOE should be shut down immediately!

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